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Barn Hunt Seminar - with BHA Judge JAN HUFF

Barn Hunt Seminar - with BHA Judge JAN HUFF
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with BHA Judge JAN HUFF

<<Presented by Dude Ranch Barn Hunt Club, under BHA Regulations>>

Saturday, April 15, 2017

The Dude Ranch Barn Hunt Club is pleased to present BH-101 Seminar - BARN HUNT by BHA Judge Jan Huff!

This information-packed seminar will cover from the Rat, to the Title... and everything in between!  Both those curious about the exciting sport of Barn Hunt, as well as those knowledgeable in Barn Hunt will greatly benefit from Jan Huff's vast knowledge of the Barn Hunt world!

Jan not only is a Barn Hunt Association (BHA) level "A" judge, but owns and operates one of the most active Barn Hunt venues in the mid-atlantic. Jan has titled multiple dogs to top levels of the BHA, and continues to run her dogs at the Senior and Master levels too even while judging and running her venue!  Jan is well respected in the Barn Hunt world to the point that she is one of a handful of "A Level" judges that are also designated as MENTORS by BHA in this great sport!

What is this sport?!?  Barn Hunt is the exciting sport where you dog gets to use thier nose to 'search' and thier great relationship with you to communicate!  Your pup searchs through multiple bales of straw 'sniffing out' the whereabouts of one or more hiddlen rats.  Actually, the 'rats' are safely tucked away in protective tubing, so no one gets hurt or injured - but your pup finds the rat and lets you know!  You confirm this with the judge and keep searching for the next rat! Upon finding the rats within the alloted time, you earn qualification points towards your BHA Titles!

These are wonderful titles that are FULLY ACCEPTED AND CAN BE REGISTERED with the AKC!!

This seminar will cover a full sweep of the Barn Hunt sport, starting out with intrtoduction to the rat and understanding the bha INSTINCT test.  We'll actualy be running instinct tests for you to practice at!.  Then we move on to the NOVICE world, understanding the use of the straw bales, ramps and tunnels.  All the time highlighting your 'reading' of your pup. As the day progresses we'll move into more advanced areas depending directly upon how much knowledge and experience our attendees have!

This seminar, hosted by the Dude Ranch Barn Hunt Club, is being held indoors - in the Barn Hunt Club buliding.  The BHC buliding is a dedicated building on the Dude Ranch Pet Resort campus where our weekly runs, practice, fun tests and trials are held!  Plenty of parking and plenty of space.

The seminar runs A FULL DAY from 9:30am to 4:30pm on Saturday April 15, 2017.  There's a whole lot to cover, and as time allows Jan will be having runs too. To ensure your focus morning coffee and munchies provided as well as LUNCH INCLUDED. There are a maximum of 12 WORKING SPOTS at the seminar. Working participants will have crating space INDOORS available in the main building - and plenty of outside/ shade near the barn hunt program.

WORKING SLOTS:  Learn hands-on with your dog.  Work with Jan and the Rats directly, excersize by excersize.  Experience with your pup what Barn Hunt is all about.  BUT - When they are sold - THAT'S IT!  So Register NOW.  $100 for the entire day!

No dog right now?  Not sure about Barn Hunt?   Maybe you learn better by watching and thinking? AUDITING is for you!  The BHC buidling has about 400 sq ft of 'viewing' room, so AUDIT SPACES available!  Only $65 for the entire day. 


Questions?  email the club at

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