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Rally - Signs of Fun

Rally - Signs of Fun
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You've played card games, and board games - following the directions on the cards to know what to do next.  Rally is the sign-based sport for you and your dog!   This class begins the introduction of the scores of signs that can be used in the great sport of Rally!  There are 100’s of different symbols to eventually master.  Mixing these creates a Rally Course, that the dog and their handlers negotiate together!  It's a fun and exciting variation in sport for you and your dog!

This class will introduce you to all of the “NOVICE” or “LEVEL 1” level signs, along with a few extras too! You’ll learn to a positive working relationship between dog and owner. You get to think - You get to figure it out - and then you and your dog get to execute the directions! Teams are allowed to use plenty of encouragement and give feedback to the dog. 

Rally competition events take place under AKC, UKC, and many other venues.  You DON”T need to compete to have fun in Rally with Signs, but you can.  This course is the first in a series of courses that address more and more complex symbols and signs.  Once you’ve mastered this level – there’s more to come!  Challenge – Thinking – Executing – FUN WITH SIGNS!

Prerequisite:  Dogs six months or older who know basic obedience and have good attention to owner. All activities in this class level are ON LEASH.  Dogs under 1 year will not be permitted to jump.  Care will be taken, especially with younger dogs, to keep things very safe.

All dogs, purebred, mixed breeds, and dogs with disabilities, are encouraged to participate.  Basic control of your dog is required.

Classes run for 6 consecutive weeks, except when interrupted by major holidays or events.  The class start date may shift depending upon participant registration.  Sign up quickly by selecting your start date, above.


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