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Greg Strong All Breed Handling Seminar - "Only 15 Points To Go" - **BACK APR 7 & 8, 2018**

Greg Strong All Breed Handling Seminar - "Only 15 Points To Go" - **BACK APR 7 & 8, 2018**
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Only Fifteen Points To Go!


<<Returning to the Dude Ranch April 7 & 8, 2018!!>>

Join us once again at The Dude Ranch for an exciting weekend dedeicated to making you a better handler! The GREG STRONG seminar, brought to you by the Richmond Afghan Hound Club.

This information-packed seminar will cover all aspects of showing a dogl.  Beginner and intermediate handlers will greatly benefit from Greg's vast knowledge of the show dog world -- while seasond exhibitors can gain valuable insight into the finer points of handling!

This seminar is meant to help improve handling skiills; so dogs should have enough ring experience that participants may foucs on learning themselves - and not struggling with a puppy.

WELL SOCIALIZED DOGS ONLY! Want to borrow a push-button dog to practice on?  Let us know!

The seminar runs two days, from 9am to 4pm each day.  (Lunch Break - 1 hour - LUNCH INCLUDED!). Participants are expected to attend BOTH days. There are a maximum of 25 WORKING SPOTS at the seminar. SIGN UP QUICK!    (NOTE: You will be wait-listed if you submit after 25 paid working registrants.  Cancellations do occur!)  Working participants may bring up to 2 dogs, but may work only ONE DOG PER EXERCISE.


Under 18 and want a Working Slot?? Save $45 off working - only $180!

No dog right now?  Learn better by watching and thinking? Been to Greg's seminar but want to learn more?  AUDITING is for you!  The Ranch Hall is over 5,000 sq ft, so we have plenty of AUDIT SPACES available!

AUDIT SLOTS: ONLY $125 (That's $100 off working, but again, NO DOG!) Plenty of Audit Spots so sign up - and come on in!

Under 18 and Auditing?? Save $145 off working - only $80!

SPECIAL REFUND POLICY:  The Richmond Afghan Hound Club has specificed that for this seminar refunds WILL ONLY BE GRANTED if there is a wait list; and only up until MARCH 28, 2018.  ABSOLUTLEY NO REFUNDS AFTER 3/28/18.  Note; in case of weather emergency precluding Greg's attendance, the seminar will be rescheduled around Greg's schedule going forward. Refunds will NOT be made in case the seminar cannot be held by reasons of riots, civil distrubances, fire, acts of God, public emergency, or any other cause beyond our control.  Every attempt to reasonably reschedule will be taken, but it cannot be guaranteed.

Crating space is available for DAY CRATING during the seminar. Metal Crates/Pens MUST HAVE protective pad underneath, or they will NOT be permitted.

OVERNIGHT SHOW-DOG / PET LODGING IS AVAILABLE HERE AT THE DUDE RANCH PET RESORT.  The Dude Ranch offers overnight show-dog lodging - fully staffed (24x7) so you can lodge your pup here at the end of day-1, relax for the night, and pick your pup up just before the seminar resumes in the morning!   Only $34 for your dog's full care overnight!!  If you need overnight lodging for your dogs, you MUST RESERVE OVERNIGHT SPACE IN ADVANCE.   No charge for DAY CRATING.


GREG STRONG BIO:  Greg Strong is an active member in the AKC Registered Handler Program.  He has been involved with breeding, raising, and training show dogs all of his life.  He attends an average of 140 to 160 dog shows each year. He has been successful in exhibiting in all seven groups with many BEST-IN-SHOW winners from those seven groups.

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